Playground zone Safety Information






Learn the basics

Safe entry and exit

Land on both feet when using slides

Pace yourself

Play within your skill level

Drink lots of water

Wear appropriate clothing

Be aware of your surroundings

Listen to announcements




Don’t play under the influence of alcohol or drugs

No DOUBLE/BACKWARD/HEAD FIRST sliding at anytime

Don’t lay or sit in landing area for slides

No climbing on unapproved areas in the playground zone

No rough-housing



 Xheight Zone has been created for your enjoyment and safety is very important to us.
Please become familiar with and abide by the rules posted for your safety and well being.
Xheight Zone will provide a video and signage for your viewing upon arrival.
Xheight Zone also asks that you kindly stay in your comfort zone.
Please do not attempt any activity you don’t think you can handle. Playground zone activities can be dangerous so perform them at your own risk.
Zone guest should not engage in zone activities without a
Xheight Zone staff member close by.
Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at Xheight Zone
can/will result in the loss of your play time.
Thank you for following our safety procedures.