What is Xheight Zone?

What is Xheight Zone?


Xheight Zone will offer play and exercise via trampoline and an indoor playground. Allowing active play for exercise and wellbeing. Xheight Zone will strive to value participation and involvement. Encouraging our community to interact in play, while motivating each other to exercise and having fun. Xheight Zone is a location for families to unwind out of the home.

Activity Zones

The centre will consist of two main Zones.

1) A large trampoline zone which will have

  • Free jumping
  • Dodge ball court
  • Trampoline assisted free throw basketball nets
  • Climbing wall (approximately 15’ wide x 12’ high) vertically flat against exterior wall
  • Foam pit located under climbing wall (approximately 15’ wide x 18’ long)

2) A large playground zone which will have

  •  Multi-layered interactive climbing and adventure area 
  • Three slides connected as one unit that runs from 3rd level side by side to the 1st level of the play structure.
  • Tunnels which are connected throughout the structure 
  • Obstacles to maneuver through

A lounge area will be available for parents/guardians and observers to watch and relax while others play.

Located in the upstairs viewing area there will be a small padded lounge area for children under the age of 1 to enjoy as well. This will allow parents to relax and supervise small children as they watch all the activities downstairs.