XHEIGHT ZONE - Changes due to COVID-19

Sessions will be one hour, you can pre-book by purchasing online for the time you wish to attend, calling our facility (709)651-7570 or messaging our Facebook page; XHEIGHT ZONE GANDER. Drop-in guest will be able to join the current session if we have not reached capacity, or they may wait outside the building for the next available session.
You will enter the building through the front door, washing or sanitizing hands upon entry, you will then proceed to the front desk for check-in/registration, we will be gathering extra information at this time, including but not limited to: Name, Address, Phone number, COVID questionnaire, etc.
After you have checked in, you will then proceed to the area to change into your jump socks and enter the park. We ask that everyone follow, and maintain social distancing protocols during your visit, as per government regulation. Guardians are to ensure children are following set protocols. 
-There will be no water bottle refill stations or water fountains available.
-Water will be available for purchase, limited snacks are available for purchase.
-No food, beverages/liquids, gum are permitted inside the park.
-Grip socks must be worn by all participants, socks must be worn inside the park at all times. Absolutely no bare feet or footwear inside the park.
We will make an announcement at the end of your session letting you know that time is over, at which time you will retrieve your outside footwear and exit the building through the designated side door.
We will then complete all necessary/required procedures before the next “session” begins.
- There will be a limited number chairs available in the viewing area upstairs, which will be spaced 6 feet apart.
- The benches in the front entrance, are to be used for purposes of changing footwear only.
*Birthday party booking inquires should call our facility (709)651-7570, Facebook Message; XHEIGHT ZONE GANDER, or email xheightzone@hotmail.com
*At this time we will not be selling memberships.
Xheight Zone Staff


Facility; (709) 651-7570


E-Mail; xheightzone@hotmail.com